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About Us

Natural Environmental Engineering and Management (NEEM) is established by group of IITians and social workers. NEEM Enviro is one of the leading environmental Engineering, Designing and Management Consultancy committed for creating sustainable and long-term solutions for environment and society.

We are specializes in the assessment, design, operation and maintenance, management and monitoring of sustainable environmental solutions and facilities. Our core capabilities are in solid waste management, Water management, Solar Energy, Pressure Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Vertical and Terrace garden (Roof Top) development. 



Root Zone Waste Water Recycling System

Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

Operation & Maintenance ETP/STP


Water Audit


Design Of ETP/STP


Rain Water Harvesting


Organic Waste compost Unit

Improper storage or disposal of organic waste results in odour problems, unhygienic condition and spread of diseases besides manpower requirements for waste handling. What we carelessly throw into the trash can be composted to produce rich top soil for our plants.

The urban Indian citizen generates nearly 700 grams of solid waste per person per day which is nearly 250 kg in a year. We can reduce organic waste by composting. By segregating, recycling and composting, a family of 4 can reduce their waste from 1000 Kg to less than 100 kg every year.

NEEM Enviro gives a best solution for organic waste composting.

Organic Waste Composting Systems