About Us


Natural Environmental Engineering and Management (NEEM) Enviro is established by group of IITians and social workers. NEEM Enviro is one of the leading Environmental Engineering, Designing and Management Consultancy committed for creating sustainable and long-term solutions for environment and society.

We are specialized in the assessment, design, operation and maintenance, management and monitoring of sustainable environmental solutions and facilities. Our core capabilities are in solid waste management, Water management, Solar Energy, Pressure Sand Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Vertical and Terrace garden (Roof Top) development.

Our product range consists of In-vessel Organic waste composting unit, natural wastewater filtration system, rainwater harvesting and Eco friendly products. We provide all that you need to GO GREEN as an individual, family or community.

We have a growing team of members with us. Our journey is to convert waste into compost. We have also established examples of Urban Farming and inspire others to take the same route.  

We also provide these services by ourselves and with our associates.

  1. Compost at Source Food and Garden waste plants.
  2. Rain water harvesting.
  3. Grey and Black water/ sewage waste filtration.
  4. Maintenance of all the above.
  5. Waste to garden installations with Soil making (Forrest floor method)