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Organic Waste Compost Unit 

Improper storage or disposal of organicwaste results in odour problems, unhyrenic condition and spread of diseases besides manpower requirements for waste handling. What we carelessly throw intro the trash can be composed to produce rich top soil for our plants.
The urban indian citizen generates nearly 700 grams of solid waste per person per day which is nearly 250 kg in a year.We can reduce organic waste by composting. By segregating, recycling and composting, a family of 4 can reduce their waste from 1000kg to less than 100kg every year.
NEEM Enviro gives a best solution for organic waste composting.

In vessel Organic waste composter is semi-automated/fully automatic composing machine. Organic materials are fed into a recycled plastic drum or similar equipment where the environmental conditions including temperature, moisture and aeration are closely controlled the appartments has a rotation mechanism for proper aeration.
In vessel Organic waste composter (In-V-OWC) provides quick, easy and cost effective option for larger quantity waste generated from townships, societies, Commercial places etc. In-vessel composting can process large amounts of organic waste in very limited area. In-vessel composting produces very little odour and minimal leachate because it works aerobically. Conversion of organic material into compost can take up to 25 to 30 days it depends upon the type of organic waste. The unit can efficiently trat organic waste resulting in volume reduction of upto 90% and convert the residual material into high quality compost can be used for horticulture / gardening in- vessel composters vary in size and capacity

Compost tumblers also called rotating drums are popular because they serve several purpose: blending, size reduction without shredding, and screening. Rather than turning the materials with a pitchfork, which can be labour intensive, users simply rotate the drum or turn a crank once or twice a day. Each rotation introduces more air into the system, and mixes the materials together. This increases the speed of the compost process.To harvest the finish compost, stop adding materials to the numbler to the tumbler and keep rotating it daily the compost is ready

this category of In-vessel systems uses a static composing method, i.e, there is no mechanical agitation while material is in the container or tunnel instead, agitation is provided when material is unbloaded.Fans supply oxygen and remove moisture and heat.

In Vessel Organic Waste Composter

These are tumbler in vessel organic waste compost unit, fully closed with powder coated stands with UV protected MOC.


3-4 KG/DAY
  • 1 Year Warenty


8-12 KG/DAY
  • 1 Year Warenty


25-30 KG/DAY
  • 1 Year Warenty


1-6 KG/DAY
  • 1 Year Warenty

Garden Development

We are Specialized in providing garden development services to our customers. We develoP gardens with the help of advanced tools and techniques by our trained agricultures who are experienced in their respective domain. Our team specializes in integration of using treated waste water and solid waste while developing these landscape and gardens.

Because of the lack of space in cities today, clients prefer to go for terrace garden, as it enhances the look and is easy to maintain as well. We provide these services with the support of our hard working workers who are trained and experienced in this domain. We offer this design in different sizes and designs as per the requirement laid down by the clients.
♦  Perfect Design
♦  Gardens are built to look good
♦  Excellent manufactured

Our esteemed clients have inspired us to provide them with a varied range of vertical terrace gardening. We can also customize as per the requirements and guidelines of the clients if needed. Besides the decorative benefit, plantings may provide food, temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement, habitats or corridors.

Becoming green is a high priority for urban planners.
♦  Highly weather resistant.
♦  Long functional life.
♦  Eye catching look

Pressure Sand Filter

We are highly engaged in offering pressure sand filters. The offered product is widely used in society, Commercial and industrial level. Our offered product is highly valued for their accurate result, timely execution and high level of impact. We offer this product to our valuable clients as per their needs.
The basic features are – Low maintenance, uninterrupted operations, Noiseless functioning, Low pressure drop across the vessel, Standard and effective multi grade sand media.

Activated Carbon Filter

We have expertise in teritary tratment system and engaged in providing Activated carbon filter. Our vast industry experience enables us in offering teritary tratment for waste water. The offered product is manufactured by our well-versed professionals in an effective manner. Our offered product is acknowledged for their quality, reliability and timeliness, therefore highly demanded in the market.
Active carbon filters are most effective for removing chlirine sediment volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Taste and odour from water.